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Aluminium Frame Profile for Guangdong Science Center

Aluminium Frame Profile for Guangdong Science Center


 Located in the University Town in Guangzhou, Guangdong Science Center is a large comprehensive science museum focusing on its four functions of popular science education, science and technology achievements exhibition, academic exchange, and science tour, serving as the major venue for science education in China and Asia, and representative of national “Green Architecture”, important window to show Guangdong science and technology achievement, as well as the city card of Guangzhou.

Opened in September 2008, GDSC covers a land area of 450,000sqm with a gross floor area of 140,700sqm. There’re 10 permanent exhibition halls with over 480 exhibits, 4 science theatres (IMAX Giant Screen, 4D, Dome and Virtual Voyage), and an outdoor Exploration Park featuring a lake of 80,000 sqm, more than 60 classic science exhibits and over 2,000 species of typical Southern China plants, integrating nature, science and art . 

With 7-year opening, GDSC received over 10 million visitors, with 40,000 visitors peak in a day and PSI over 98%. GDSC won over 100 national and international awards like “National Science Education Base”, “ASPAC Creative Science Communication Award” with a number of major activities like Asia-Pacific Network of Science and Technology Centers (ASPAC) Annual Conference, China Adolescents Science & Technology Innovation Contest, National Popular Science Docent Competition, andPopular Science Communication Activity Series among Mainland, Taiwan, Hongkong and Macao, up to 10,000 science activities like Xiaoguwei Science Forum, Pearl River Science Forum, Science Exploration Camp, and Creative Robot Training Camp. So far GDSC has independently designed and produced traveling exhibitions like “Human and Health”, “Approaching the Nobel Prize”, “Scientific Observation Instrument”, and “Secrets of Animation”; it also actively introduced from abroad exhibitions including “Strange Matters”, “T-rex Revealed”,  “Albert Einstein”, “Brain: the Inside Story”, “Leonardo da Vinci's Scientific Code”,“Creatures of the ABYSS”, “ Wildlife Photographer of the Year”, etc. GDSC is member of international organizations like ASPAC, ASTC and ICOM, and initiated local science education platforms likeGuangdong Association of Science and Technology Museum and Guangzhou Popular Science Alliance. As a science paradise for children, GDSC provides scientific, knowledgeable, interesting and interactive exhibitions for visitors to acquire science knowledge and cultivate science literacy.